MIT Connection Science

MIT Connection Science aims to revolutionize technology-mediated human networks through analysis, prediction, data-driven design, and evaluation.

Examples of such networks range from Facebook to the energy grid, managing behavior in modalities such as financial transactions, human health, urbanization and other trends influencing and influenced by society.

As more of our personal and public lives become infused and shaped by data from sensors and computing devices, the lines between the digital and the physical have become increasingly blurred.

New possibilities arise, some promising, others alarming, but both with an inexorable momentum that is supplanting time honored practices and institutions.

MIT Connection Science is a cross-disciplinary effort drawing on the strengths of faculty, departments and researchers across the Institute, to decode the meaning of this dynamic, at times chaotic, new environment.

The initiative will help business executives, investors, entrepreneurs and policymakers capitalize on the multitude of opportunities unlocked by the new hyperconnected world we live in.